Sunday, July 29, 2012


Lincoln was a manufacturer has a long history of manufacturing large cars offer the U.S. market. As a division of Ford, but Lincoln always make the distinction for his car from luxury properties, more powerful engines and style very characteristic. Its product lines include car cars, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicle SUV.
The company was founded in 1917 by Henry Leland, a manufacturer of automotive components founder, who previously created the Cadillac brand. He named the company under the name of the hero of his boyhood: 16th President - Abraham Lincoln. The earliest type of vehicles including Lincoln Series L and Series K. But the company quickly fell into the extremely difficult situation and has been Ford Motor Company acquired in 1922.
By the 1930s, Lincoln had found for his position in the luxury segment and reach a new level. 1936 saw the launch of the popular models of Lincoln Zephyr. The name and style of this car inspired by the sleek lines of the Burlington Zephyr, name a ship equipped with diesel engines, each proud of its record pace. The luxury car is a major landmark for Lincoln; Nearly 80% of vehicles sold by Lincoln as the Zephyrs this model.
Decade 40 was also seen the introduction of the charming Continental car. The development process of this car under the guidance of Edsel Ford, son of the founder of Ford - Henry Ford. After World War II, Lincoln maintains its position thanks to cars such as the Mark II and the era of the 60th Continentals, these cars have a reputation for systematic and automatic door is used as vehicles The U.S. president's limousine. Luxury coupe Continental Mark III was produced in 1968 and until the end of the '60s, more than one million vehicles have been built Continental.
The 1970s witnessed the birth of Mark IV models simultaneously with a new model called the Lincoln Versailles. Car Versailles midsize sedan is the first of this brand but from their debut, this car did not impress the public. Versailles is made ​​based on the Ford Granada car model and many people have suggested that the failure of it is due to bring the similarities and less typical - that is the twin brother of Granada.
In 1981, Lincoln Town launched a car of its standard today, a large luxury sedan is considered the flagship of this brand. Although years ago nicknamed its cars are used to indicate the level of decoration, but in 1981 the Town Car name exists as a model. Lincoln made ​​myself the difference during those years as the first American car to install antilock brake system. Mark A series models continue to be built and then go back under the car before the arrival of Mark VI. Following cruisers with soft lines that Mark VII car, this car more bold and Europe can be installed in the BMW motor oil.
90s also saw the launch of the very last car Mark, Mark VIII, characterized by four-cam V8 engine and suspension slightly. This time, the sports car has converged into a segment and Lincoln take advantage of this trend and for launching the first car named Navigator SUV for 1998. With leather interior, this luxurious SUV is a major landmark of the firm. Very recently, Lincoln has developed their own cars to pickup truck models and entry-level with hopes of attracting a new generation of customers.Many of these cars lack of competitiveness in aspects such as Vietnamese and sophistication of vehicles and sports field. But this brand is still the favorite choice for car buyers are looking for American-car luxury and spacious.


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