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Top 5 most beautiful cars of 2012

Top 5 most beautiful cars of 2012

Aston Martin Vanquish, Jaguar F-Type Roadster, the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and the SRT Viper is the most beautiful car launched this year.

One of the most important decisions in sales for any car is a design element. Even if a car is not well-known brand, good design also helps it score in the eyes of the critics. Understand the importance of this, many car manufacturers have invested tens of millions of dollars for the studio.

One of the most important steps for the success of any project is to come up with a suitable design. Not too showy but not bland. Today, the automotive design is one of the most difficult job of the industry, it takes a lot of skill and experience.

The most difficult part of the vehicle design is balancing the important factors such as modern aerodynamic design that retains the traditional definition in the language of each brand. Here is a list of the most beautiful cars, launched this year.

Aston Martin Vanquish

Siêu xe Aston Martin Vanquish đến từ nước Anh.
Aston Martin Vanquish supercar from England.
Inheriting the spirit of the early generation Vanquish was designed by Ian Callum appeared in Bond film "Die Another Day", Marek Reichman cleverly combines the quintessential features on Vanquish 2013 to create a super-traditional medium, and modern. Reichman is also penning the famous supercar One-77. So on newer Vanquish also carry many similarities with the One-77 as the taillights and chrome edges brace on the door.

Criticism is just a DB9 but newer Vanquish certainly desirable for anyone. Take the unmistakable characteristics of any Aston Martin: power, beauty and soul.

Jaguar F-Type Roadster

Jaguar F-type Roadster
Jaguar F-Type Roadster with smooth exterior design.
With charm and beautiful, Jaguar F-Type was born commemorate a legendary E-Type cars. Retained many features of the CX 16 concept - a dramatic design for enthusiasts. Is considered the most beautiful car of Jaguar, designed not only shows the agility and strength, but also proved to be the design characterized by the British.

Like the Type-E, F-Type was born has proven one thing, not only Italians know to create beautiful cars and speed.

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

BMW Gran Coupe smoother.
In the era of Chris Bangle, BMW is not really considered attractive or beautiful, but merely good. Remember that do not need to be nice. Not too ugly, BMW does not make people desire to own immediately. Nader Faghihzadeh, a car designer Iran-Germany 36 years old replace Bangle - the one who has created a turning point for the BMW.

Serie 6 GranCoupe is a member of the BMW family has a simple design but deeply impressed. Simple is a 4-door coupe, but if you describe it that way, people will think you are wrong.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta new Italian car company.
It is a big gap out a list that does not mention Ferrari. Debut in the Geneva Motor Show in 2012, inheriting the spirit from the 599 GTB, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta impress people by the sleek and sexy design.

Pininfarina - the company responsible for designing the super car Ferrari would like to create small wind legendary cars 250 GTS, but still not lose aerodynamic lines. At the exhibition, it is believed that the Pininfarina do this. With a design that characterized Italy for speed and beauty, the air inlet slots allow air to create maximum force down the road, in every aspect, F12 Berlinetta really deserve when mounted on the Ferrari logo.

Dodge Viper SRT

Dodge Viper SRT-sexy bold American supercar.
The main purpose of the design of the Viper SRT is to keep the old design, adding a few modern dotted strokes and improve aerodynamics. However unexpected results at first, Dodge Viper newer more sleek and aerodynamic than any previous generation.

SRT Viper special attention to the cake, but still retain the old path characteristics. More rear wheels to the front wheels look like leaning forward is the tradition can not confusion of generations Viper. Besides fender "gills" is different from the previous generation Viper can help extract the heat from the engine compartment.

Basically, the new Viper is very similar to the 2012 version when horizontal, but when seen from the front, it is a great car.


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