Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Qoros - 'colt' and European ambitions

Qoros - 'colt' and European ambitions

Qoros is the latest Chinese carmakers seeking to enter the European market fraught with difficulties due to the economic crisis with the first product shipped.

The time Qoros products is not known exactly, just know there will be a similar size sedan Volkswagen Jetta and Ford Focus. In addition, the Chinese car company is expected to bring to the Geneva Motor Show (Switzerland) pair concept never show up with the plan design future products.

As a design from the logo to the car for brand new Qoros, Gert Volker Hilderbrand is the design director of the Chinese car company.
One of the people responsible for the style of these cars Qoros is the former chief designer of the Mini, Gert Volker Hildebrand said, those the Qoros will own the difference with "charming elegance."

"Designing cars is one of the world's greatest job., But very few designers have the opportunity to make the logo first, then reflect a new vision and dream by designing samples The first family car of a brand. It's a special opportunity, and I do not believe that there is nothing more exciting for a designer ", Hildebrand shared about what he is doing in Qoros.

Outline furniture of Qoros sedan.
Qoros based in Shanghai and is a joint venture between Chery Automobile and Israel Corporation. Founded 12/2007 under the name Chery Quantum Automotive Corporation (CQAC) then changed to Qoros Auto Co., Ltd.. on May 11/2011. The partners have invested about $ 1.5 billion in this venture.

Qoros Kia is also the company won a legal battle, making the Korean car company can not use name Quoris for new flagship sedan in Europe. According to the court Germany, "Qoros" and "Quoris" sounds quite similar and may cause confusion for the customers of the two companies.


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