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Cadillac was born like?

For over 100 years of continuous efforts and development, Cadillac has always been proud of the title "first" and "number one" must honor the family was that it called Cadillac.
The name Cadillac
Early 20th century marked an important turning point of the car industry in the world when Henry Leland founded a car manufacturing company and named Cadillac - the name of the legendary founder Antoine de la Detrioit Mothé Cadillac. To celebrate this event, the Herald has designed the logo of the company based on the Cadillac badge of the family reputation. The company's first car - Model A Runabout is the first vehicle honored to carry this logo.
Conquering the world
1908, ie only a few years after producing four-cylinder engine first, forcing the Cadillac car industry stunned performance car parts for ease of installation in many different positions . This event laid the foundation for car production on a large scale in the world, and help Cadillac won the Dewar Trophy honors the Royal Automobile Club - Royal Automobile Club (UK). Also from this point, the company's logo proudly add slogan "Standard of the World".
But Cadillac seemed to deliberately go against the order of the global auto industry set a goal to "Quality precedes quantity" and put all resources into a vehicle design best can.
1910 Cadillac Model Thirty was the first car to retire from the system boots by hand thanks to the power system and start the ignition. This is considered a wonderful invention because many drivers had a broken arm or jaw broken by the system started manually. Again the title of the Dewar Trophy was awarded to Detroit, and Cadillac became the only car manufacturer to achieve this noble title two times. 
By 1915, Cadillac switched to V-8 engine with water cooling, although at that time 4-cylinder engine remains popular. During the First World War (1916-1918), thermostatic cooling system and headlamp system is very effective when used at night has led Cadillac to become the number 1 choice for the U.S. military.
'20s Has confirmed its position and credibility of the world for Cadillac cars when Cadillac introduced the windshield wipers and rearview mirror, and satisfy the most demanding customers by changing the body design more stylish and luxurious.
In 1927, the first time the relationship between form and function of a car is a car manufacturer really an eye. The LaSalle convertible became the first car created by a designer look, but not by an automotive engineer as before.
Late '20s, Cadillac styling synonymous with beauty and luxury. Cadillac has launched the 30 with the debut of V-16 engine fitted to passenger cars, along with it's customers represent different models for the V-8, V-12 and V-16. By 1936, Cadillac has owned about 68 different vehicle models. In 1938, Cadillac has won one more "one" again in the history of their development by putting the word "sunroof" (sunroof) to the dictionary the United States. 
World War 2nd Cadillac has given many the opportunity to show talent and potential.With V-8 engines, tanks used for M-5 and M-8 Howitzer, Cadillac proudly uphold the slogan "Famous in peacetime - Affirm the superiority in wartime."
1950 not only marked the sales of 100,000 units / year (nearly double the pre-World War II) but also reap the Cadillac in the race 24 Hours of Le Mans - one of the most intense race in the world world - with the ranking 3rd, 10th and 11th.
'60s Continued to mark the achievements of Cadillac technology with self-adjusting brakes, air conditioning systems, heating ventilation and static temperature, followed by the introduction of the headlights turned off automatic seatbelts for the front seats, electric heating panels for the seats and stereo system.
Cadillac celebrate the '70s with the production line's largest passenger car in the world - the Eldorado 8.2L - 400hp. From 1975-1978, Cadillac continues to lead the car industry with continuous improvements: air bag systems and equipment advanced to neutralize emissions.
By redesigning classic cars of the 30s and 40s, early 1980s, Cadillac has raised the movement of "nostalgia" has great influence on the entire car industry in the world. Do not fall asleep with the successes in a row, Cadillac continued investment in technology and became the first car manufacturer to use the integrated microprocessor to control the ignition system, fuel and operating of the overall vehicle.
In 1984, Key Distribution System Gold has set new standards for the sale of vehicles, including understanding the specifications and features of the car and test drive. It is through these efforts that only a few years later, Cadillac JDPower has been selected as the leading car manufacturers on customer satisfaction car.
In 1992, the Cadillac Seville honored the title "Car of the Year" thanks to the excellent features such as control of the vehicle traction, antilock brake system and suspension speed sensor.
In 2000-2001, Cadillac reaffirmed class on the track that it has forgotten, by focusing on the most advanced technologies to improve vehicle performance. Cadillac Presidental race back in 2001 Inaugural Parade. 
To date, over 100 years of constant effort and development, Cadillac has always been proud of the title "first" and "number one" must honor the family was that it called Cadillac.


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