Friday, January 18, 2013

BMW 3 Series GT revealed

BMW 3 Series GT revealed
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When much of the world is still watching auto show taking place in the city of "Angels", the German carmakers bring 3 Series GT version just advertising photography Los Angeles Convention Centrer few kilometers.

After months of hiding the car under thick camouflage prototypes, BMW fans have the opportunity to watch the entire design of the hatchback, and expertise freely discussed.

BMW serie 3 GT
BMW 3 Series GT in the shoot. Photo: KGP.
Shoot revealed 3 Series GT with 2 different versions of equipment. The car appears to be a brown design standards, while the silver car is the M Sport with the bodykit aggressive than, niches wind before also different.

However, the interior remains quite mysterious. Unknown 3 Series GT uses the same type 2 modes as the 5 Series GT hatchback, sedan style with the trunk lid but smaller or door open really wide on top.

BMW serie 5 GT
BMW 5 Series GT with two types of opening the trunk. Photo: BMW.
But just 5 Series GT, Gran Turismo version of the 3 Series to focus on extending the interior space and to map with a longer wheelbase, hood is longer, higher and softer.

BMW 3 Series GT ever expected to debut at the Paris Motor Show (France) in September, but now, in present time can be up to 3/2013, at the Geneva Motor Show (Switzerland).

BMW 3 Series GT

BMW 3 Series GT
Silver car in the shoot, which was for the M Sport version.
And the brown is the standard.
Wheels and wind cavity in front of two different vehicles.
Brown cars with double exhaust pipe is located to one side.
Silver car with two exhaust pipes are isolated.
Photo: Paulta, KGP


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