Friday, January 18, 2013

BMW unveiled the concept serie 4

BMW unveiled the concept serie 4
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With the appearance of the 4 series coupe, fans will have to say goodbye to the 3 Series coupe.

The number "4" in the name of the car does not mark the beginning of a new cycle, which represents a new level of development. German carmakers produce 4 series coupe personality and design. Here, the number "4" means a separate and more great sports clear difference with the 3 Series line.

BMW serie 4 coupe
BMW 4 Series coupe only in concept form, but is expected production will not change much.
Compared with the current 3-series coupe, 4 series coupe concept has a longer wheelbase 51 mm, 43 mm in width and less than 13 mm in height. Overall dimensions 4641 mm long, 1826 mm wide and 1362 mm high. Long wheelbase 2810 mm.

The overall design bearing the hallmarks of the series 6. Full LED headlamps and the lower portion in the dark car looks aggressive. The interior of the new car to impress with premium leather on almost any surface, with the overall style and modern luxury. What is shown also mentioned serie 6, and evaluated is not a drawback.

Premium leather interior with separate details confirmed.
German car company not to disclose other details. Expected to use the new coupe 2 liter supercharged turbine engine 4-cylinder in line and 3 liter turbocharged six-cylinder turbines. Series 4 will include versions 428i and 435i.

BMW 4 Series coupe concept will debut at the Detroit Motor Show (USA) took place on May 1/2013 and the production will start shortly thereafter.


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