Friday, January 18, 2013

Econ functions on Honda Civic 2012

Experience Econ functions on Honda Civic 2012

Japanese carmakers equipped Econ functions to minimize the driver's style to fuel consumption.

Honda Civic 2012 is one of the first car assembly equipped with functions driving save fuel econ Drive. Econ is not a single technology, but rather run mode, like Eco Pro functionality on the BMW 328i. In the test program from Saigon to Mui Ne in Binh Thuan, we choose the Civic 1.8AT went on 7,000 miles, engine 1.8 139 hp at 6500 rev / min, torque pole of 174 Nm at 4300 r / min. 5-speed automatic.

Honda Civic Civic Challenge journey. Photo: Duc Hieu.
Honda Civic Civic Challenge journey. Photo: Hieu Lam.
Starting in the morning beautiful, filled with gas, sealed and down Highway 51, through Vung Tau coastal road and not exit 1A. Unlike many other models, reset the trip A "0" is the average fuel consumption of the Civic also automatically "0". The driver can even set when poured gasoline mode, this parameter is automatically the "mo" and start over.

On Econ mode and departure, the Civic solid feel and sound than the previous generation. The wind from the chassis not as noisy as before. Econ impact on driving style dramatically. Sensitivity pedal down. If folding bike takes a second "open terminal", a bit uncomfortable walking on the street early winter by always need to mix a beat. That is the price we pay for gasoline eat less. Transmissions also more responsive. Rpm range 1500-1600 r / min Civic shift. So up 5 at a speed of 40 km / h.

The impacts that would upset people who like fast, strong and free car. But with the calm would be no small advantage in fuel economy. For solve latency gas, the driver may be in a rhythm early. Honda equipped with a color screen on the speed table to let the driver know how they go.

Nút chạy chế độ tiết kiệm nhiên liệu.
Fuel saving mode button.
Two strips of light on the screen will turn green if all stations or not paddy bike. Conversely blue strip light switch, color is not necessarily opposed to the driver realize they are running optimally. 270 km distance to Mui Ne is quite empty, only a few slightly damaged roads. Keep both pedals, less braking and gently passing, Civic 1.8AT reported an average fuel consumption of 16.5 km / liter. If you want more saving can mo run, but saving does not mean danger. And figures 16 km / liter is enough to Civic proven ability regulate habits driver to save gas How.

The end of the journey, filled with gasoline back and sold, the Civic 1.8AT for the average 5.4 ltr per 100 km, quite matches the figure of 16.5 km / liter as computing systems . The difference may lie in the wrong pump, measurement error by the process gas as usual, in order to simulate the closest to reality.

5.4 liter figures obtained from the impact of Econ mode, run driver sober, less paddy station, limited braking and of course also in the road quite nice, little, steady pace along the road possible. Actual operation in the conditions may be higher or lower than the 5.4 liter.

If not to Econ mode, the Civic back to the inherent dynamism. Ga sensitive, slower rise gearbox, the level reaches 2,000 new transfer. That dynamic is the specialty of Honda compared with rivals such as Toyota Altis Kia Forte. Civic design was changed in the 2013 version in the U.S. to address previous weaknesses.


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